Headache Camp – Medical Ketamine

Ketamine Headache Camp

Headache Camp – Medical Ketamine

March 22, 2020 / Comments Off on Headache Camp – Medical Ketamine

I started getting in-patient ketamine infusions at the Jefferson Headache Clinic (part of Thomas Jefferson University) in 2013, which I fondly refer to as “Headache Camp.” The following articles , were originally written for Migraine.com. I probably get the most questions about my use of ketamine. Honestly, it’s been the basis of my treatment plan (well, ketamine AND advocacy). Ketamine for Migraine Management – the basics and history of Ketamine Headache Camp – My first in-patient experience was actually for lidocaine, which I didn’t tolerate well. Headache Camp Round 2 – This is the start of my use of ketamine in a hospital setting. Lessons from Headache Camp – How to make the most out of an infusion. Headache Camp: From Mom’s Seat – My mom eloquently writes about what it’s like for her to take care of her grown child while I’m getting ketamine infusions. Patient Perspective: Ketamine –…

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Katie Golden

Katie is a professional patient, writer for Migraine.com, US Pain Ambassador, patient advocate, speaker, and freelance writer.