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June 2, 2017 / 0 Comments

This beautiful piece of art was created by my friend Terah. I personally gravitate towards images of trees and roots I think because it represents grounding and growth for me. I’m so excited to share her creative work. After many years in a successful career with Coca-Cola, Terah was forced to go on disability in 2011 with chronic daily migraine. She began getting migraines at age 15 and they became chronic in roughly 2002 and then daily in 2006. She now spends good days working on the crafty things she enjoys the most, art and music. This is what Terah has to say about her beautiful creation: This piece holds a great deal of sentiment for me. The roots represent the physical and emotional pain that I felt in my life at the time I conceived the initial drawing of this tree, which coincided exactly with leaving the job and…

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Katie Golden

Katie is a professional patient, writer for, US Pain Ambassador, patient advocate, speaker, and freelance writer.