Grandma’s Gout Story for Gout Awareness Day

May 22, 2017 / 0 Comments

My colorful grandmother, whom I am very close with, relayed to me her personal story about living with gout. May 22nd is Gout Awareness Day and I found it fitting to share this today. As always, Golden Graine is not just about living with chronic migraine, it’s about understanding all forms of chronic pain. In her own words, here is my grandmother’s story, originally written two years ago. ____________________________________________________________________ Age is Relative A woman never tells her age…well, almost never. My doctors know because it’s in my chart and I’ve never had a driver’s license so you won’t find it there. However, with you nice folks, I will share my age. 2015 is the year of my 8th decade … or if 8+0 = 8, then I am 8 years old again! My birth month found me celebrating said birthday several times. The final event was a large family gathering…

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Katie Golden

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